Step 1: Access Quiz

Go to the Quiz tab from the left menu. Select the Quiz List. Then click on Create New Quiz button at the top.


Step 2: Choose Score/Graded Quiz Type

Select the first Score/Graded and click on the Choose button.


Step 3: Quiz Title

In the Quiz Title textbox, enter the Quiz Title you want and click the Save button.


Step 4: Start 

Here you can enable Quiz start page i.e. landing page.


Click anywhere in the area to upload an image.

Note: Maximum Size of the image can be 2 MB and Minimum Dimensions can be 600 x 400.

 2. Quiz Title

Enter Quiz Title which is visible in the quiz landing page.

3. Quiz Description

Enter Quiz Description

3. Start Button

Enter text for button e.g. Take Quiz

4. Logo

Click Choose File button, if you want to show your own logo at the bottom right corner during quiz/assessment.

Note: This step is optional.


Step 5: Type 

1. If you want to enable type/category, click on Enable Type

2. Enter Type Title

3. Enter Type Description

4. You can add more type by clicking Add Type button

Note: This step is optional.


Step 6: Add Questions 

Here you can add Questions and it's Answers/Options

1. Type your question in the Q.1 text box

2. If you have selected Type in Step 2, then choose related Type from the dropdown.

3. Enter the answer or option in the A.1 text box

4. To add more answer, click on Add Answer button

5. Click Add Question button to add a new question and repeat the above process.

To move Question or Answer

1. Click the arrow key to move the question and answer up or down. 

To Delete Question or Answer

1. Click the delete button to delete the question or answer.

To Collapse/Expand Question

1.  Click - button to collapse and click + button to expand the question.


Step 6: Question Score

If each question is not of the same value or importance then you can assign different points to a different question.

2. Every question you have created in the previous step would appear here.
3. You can assign score against each question.
Note: This step is optional.


Step 7: Options Score

All questions and options you have entered previously would appear here.
You can assign the score to each answer/option
1.  Enter a value between -100 to 100 in the Answer Score text box against each answer/option.
For each answer/option you can add a description under the following three categories.
  1. Strength
  2. Improve
  3. General
Whatever you write here would appear in the result page under those 3 categories.

Step 8: Result

1. Set the range Minimum Score and Maximum Score. Once quiz/assessment taker's end result score falls under those ranges, that particular result would be displayed in the result page.
Note: You need to ensure all the ranges are unique and mutually exclusive to make sure only one particular result would be visible.
2. Grade Title. Enter a brief title such as "You are a Sales Superstar" if they score say 90 to 100
3. Grade Description: Enter grade description which enhances or supports grade title you already entered. 


Step 9: Settings

You can make 
  1. Show Social Share Buttons on the Result Page: This setting allows whether you want to make social sharing button visible in the result page.
  2. Show Graph on the Result Page: This setting allows whether you want to show a graph showing quiz taker's score and the average score.
  3. Show the Feedback i.e. Strength, Improve and General on the Result Page: This setting allows whether you want to show your specific feedback in three categories 
  4. Rename the category of the result page: This setting allows you to rename three categories
    • Your strength
    • What you can do to improve the score?
    • General

Step 10: Integrations


Integration is one of the most important functionalities of the quiz.

There are two native integration

  1. Mailchimp
  2. ActiveCampaign


Using webhook you can provide real-time information to other applications. You can use webhook to integrate more than 1000 applications via Zapier.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your quiz that helps you measure Facebook ads results, track conversions and remarket to your website visitors.


Step 11: Offer

You can enable result specific offer which will be visible in the result page.

1. Choose a grade from the dropdown for which you want to make an offer.

2. Offer Headline: You can enter offer headline

3. Offer Description: You can describe the offer.

4. Call to Action:  You can label a button to incentivise to take action.

5. Call to Action URL: This is the URL of the offer page or landing page where you want to take quiz taker.


Step 12: Lead

You can enable lead capture. Lead capture form would appear at the end of the last question and before giving the result providing you with an opportunity to capture quiz taker's information.

1. Enable Lead Capture by setting button to on.

2. You can provide an option for the quiz takers to skip to result without providing their details.

Enable Skip Option (User can skip this step)

3. You can capture the following information.

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Website

To capture above particular information, select checkbox Visible against that field.

To make mandatory above the particular field, select checkbox Required against it.

4. Enter Headline e.g. "Read to Get Your Result?"

6. Enable Legal Notice will help you to meet the compliance requirement. You can provide links to your Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or Cookie Policy. Quiz Taker must check this checkbox before result page can be displayed.

E.g. You can have the following legal notice

"I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use."

7. Provide Call to Action Label e.g. "Get my results!"

8. Notifications  

  • If you enable Send an email to quiz-taker, then an email would be sent to quiz taker.
Step 13: Theme


To match your brand, you can use a theme feature.

Public Themes

  • Under Public Themes, you can see a theme which is available for all users of GrowthWorkbook.
  • Select any them you like and click Applied button, this theme would be applied.
  • If you like a particular public theme, but you would like to customise/adapt to suit your requirement then click the Customise button. 
  • When you click button customise button on the right side you would notice clone version of that particular theme would be available. You can make necessary changes and save by giving a new name to the theme.
  • It would be saved in My Themes.
  • You can't do following with Public Themes
    • You can't delete a public theme
    • You can't edit a public theme
    • You can't create a public theme
  • You can only clone/copy public theme and create a private theme.
My Themes
  • Every theme you have saved would appear under My Themes
  • There are four options available for private theme
    • Apply: You can apply any private theme to the current quiz.
    • Customise: You can clone/copy theme and create another private theme.
    • Edit: You can edit the theme.
    • Delete: You can delete the theme.


New Themes

If you don't like any of the public or my themes, you can create your own theme from scratch

  1. Click a New Theme button
  2. Give the name in the Title of Theme textbox
  3. Choose the font for the whole quiz/assessment
  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • Lucida
  • Sans Serif
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana

Note: The font you choose would be applied to the whole quiz/assessment

4. You have the following sections. 

  • Title
  • Main
  • Result
  • Lead
  • Offer
For each section there various options
  • Background Colour
  • Emphasis
  • Size
  • Colour (i.e. Font Colour)

There are two buttons

  • Preview: It would show how it would look like
  • Reset: You can reset to original. It undoes your changes.
Make sure you click either Save or Save & Next button to save changes you make to the theme.



Step 14: Share


There are three ways you can share a quiz/assessment.

  1. Share on social media: You can share on following three social media directly from the platform.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  2. Embed: You can embed the quiz/assessment on the website.